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Amir in 2011 28th Minister of Justice and Human Rights of Indonesia

Amir Syamsuddin

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This is an Indonesian name; it does not have a family name. The name Syamsuddin is a patronymic.

Amir Syamsuddin
Amir in 2011
28th Minister of Justice and Human Rights of Indonesia
Assumed office
19 October 2011
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
Deputy Denny Indrayana
Preceded by Patrialis Akbar
Personal details
Born 27 May 1941 (age 70)
MakassarDutch East Indies
Nationality Indonesia
Political party Democratic Party
Religion Islam[1]

Amir Syamsuddin (born in Makassar on 27 May 1941) is the current Minister of Justice and Human Rights of Indonesia.




Amir was born in MakassarDutch East Indies, on 27 May 1941[2] to Nazaruddin Dg Mamaggung and Andi Bulaeng Dg Nipati.[1] He graduated with a bachelour's degree in law from the University of Indonesia in 1983,[1] later earning a doctorate from the same university.[2]

In 1983 Amir founded Amir Syamsuddin Law Offices and Partners.[2] He later founded Acemark, an intellectual property firm.[3]

In 2003 Amir represented former Golkar chairman and Speaker of the People's Representative Council Akbar Tanjung when he was charged with corruption.[2] Tanjung was eventually acquitted by the Supreme Court of Indonesia.[2] He also represented the magazineTempo when it was sued by Probosutedjo.[1] By 2011 Amir was serving as secretary of the Democratic Party's ethics council.[4]

On 19 October 2011, Amir, then serving on the board of advisers to the Democratic Party, was selected as Minister of Justice and Human Rights of Indonesia,[2] ceasing his legal practice.[3] He replaced Patrialis Akbar amidst rumours of corruption in the justice system;[5]Patrialis welcomed the appointment.[6] Following his appointment, Amir stated that he intended to end the practice of giving convicted corruptors and terrorists cuts to their sentences.[7][8]


Teten Masduki of Transparency International Indonesia welcomed Amir's appointment, saying that he had "made a good first impression"; however, Masduki cautioned that Syamsuddin would have to follow through on his promises.[8] The Jakarta Post reported the former Justice and Human Rights Minister Yusril Ihza Mahendra as "warning" that ending sentence cuts for corruptors and terrorists "might violate human rights and the principle of equal treatment for prisoners".[8]

[edit]Personal life

Amir has seven children.[1] He has cited lawyer Suardi Tasrif as an inspiration towards becoming a lawyer.[1]



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