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My name is Isis Agora Lovecruft, and I’m in my early twenties. I do lots of things and wander to lots of places.

I double majored in Theoretical Physics, and English Literature, with a specialization in Feminist Critical Theory. I intend to continue my formal education, and I hope to eventually attain a doctorate in Theoretical Physics and contribute towards current research on the theoretics of time travel and unified field theories. I’m also interested in nanoscience research, quantum cryptography, and string cosmology.

I am an anarchist. When I say that I am an anarchist, I do not simply mean that I would like to see the State destroyed, social hierarchies crumble, and state capitalism perish. I mean that I believe inequalities in power dynamics are immoral. I do not believe in control even down to the microcosmic, interpersonal level.

I am a writer.  I write under a few names, because I enjoy playing with ideas and do not wish some of my more memoir-ish pieces to identify or define me, or my erotica to embarrass me at family reunions. I usually write non-fiction, but sometimes I still get the chance to write science fiction.

I am also a musician. I have been classically trained at piano, and have played for nearly twenty years. I also busk on accordion, and lately I’ve been using tape loops to make more experimental music.

I’m highly interested in cryptography and security, and I occasionally provide workshops and lectures on digital security topics for free to activist groups. My research topics of interest are anonymity, secure communications, quantum cryptography, plain ol’ vanilla cryptography, darknets, steganography, artificial intelligences and neural networks, and pen-testing methodology.


Please feel free to contact me with questions, bug reports, and proposals, or for heated debates on any number of topics, potential friendship, and collaboration!

Isis Lovecruft
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