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Game To Win


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    SHEE (Sheer Badness Entertainment, LLC) presents “Game to Win,” first release off the forthcoming EP, Avoiding Ordinary (the “A.O.” EP). This EP will face-off with a competing project from SHEE entitled Defying Convention (the “D.C.” EP). Be sure to listen to tracks off of each CD so you can determine which you’d prefer to support. 

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“Game to Win” is about being determined, keeping your eyes on the prize and freeing yourself from individuals and environments that are not conducive to productivity. The term “new-faced” is common verbiage in Flatbush, NY – it means “acting brand new.” “Game to Win” is about identifying people you may have befriended that are trying to slow down your progress (either directly or indirectly). This song draws from personal experience, it’s an anthem for everyone reaching a point in life where they decide to empty the rocks from their pocket and drop dead weight.


I’m in the game to win; I’m bringing new style, 
I’m being new-faced, I’mma shut it down 

I’m in the game to win; I’m bringing new style 
I’m being new-faced / cut ‘em off, shut it down 

[VERSE 1] 
I’m in the game to win, you know I’m on my grind 
Snake that’s in the grass, I’m ‘bout to pull ‘em out 
This ain’t a resolution, more of a conclusion…it’s the end 
Came across drew my line in the sand 
And I ain’t here burning bridges, I ain’t creating enemies 
I’m sitting back observing all these cats I got befriending me 
Separating who they are, from who they pretend to me 
I’m taking with a grain of salt, everything you tell me 
I’m trying to build a better me; but that don’t include you 
You can opt to take it personal if you choose to 
You thinking we’re equivalent; we ain’t because ya’ cash short 
Wanna chill where I be at, well that require a passport 
I’m international with mine, you got a local focus 
Knowing you a fraud, like a model / just posing 
With no photographer, you’re mad because I’m popular 
Your career stagnant, be me, I get it poppin’ though 

[VERSE 2] 
You soak in like a sponge, ‘cause you’re obviously impressed with me 
I’m ‘bout to change the jack, can’t stand the way you pressing me 
Crazy O.D. with your unlimited minutes 
But you ain’t never got nothing to say that’s that serious 
You ain’t my manager, you ain’t got your hand in nothing 
You don’t play a role, but you always wanna know 
‘Cause I came so far, and I got so close 
And my finger on the detonator now, I’m ‘bout to blow 
And my fan base grown, and I got my own business 
Rap game my battle ground and I’m out here killin’ it 
Two victims, double-homicide 
Killin’ lyrics and I murder the beats, them my casualties 
Collateral damage / innocent bystanders 
Got the game on lock, no hand-cuffs 
You just mad, ‘cause the fans got their hands up 
But I’mma leave you where you at, just stand there 

[VERSE 3] 
I’m all about development, progression and advancement 
I gotta move forward, never look backward 
You mad, I ain’t checking for you / but you’re back there 
We ain’t gonna hang same way we did last year 
So this my Dear John letter and a farewell 
Take pride in the fact that I’m from here 
In my career, I don’t need your interference 
And I’m high, under overheads I can’t make clearance 
And you’re not on my level; I ain’t trying to sound negative 
You living in a fairytale, I tell it how it really is 
And you’re a thousand-aire, I’mma get the millions 
And I’d still be on the block, make a cameo appearance 
And it clear your opinion of me makes no difference 
And hate comes with the territory, y’all furious 
But I’mma get mine…point-blank, period 
Besides, when my song on / y’all feeling it 


released 14 March 2011 
Song Lyrics, Written & Performed by SHEE 
Music Composed by BoomBashBeatz 
Engineered by SHEE at CHARTROOM Recording Studio 
Mixed & Mastered by Dan Pfiffer at Venture NYC Studio 
Photography, Graphics by SHEE 
Copyright 2011 - Sheer Badness Entertainment, LLC (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


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