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Terrance Bowman-Taylor "Innocent man on N.C. Death Row"

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Terrance Bowman-Taylor "Innocent man on N.C. Death Row"

Hi, my name is Terrance 
I am a college student from Brooklyn, N.Y. with an associate’s degree in Business Administration from Russell Sage College of Albany. I was pursuing a Bachelorette Degree in Computer Programming at B.M.C.C. at the time of my unlawful arrest. I came to North Carolina for a weekend to visit relatives & friends and never made it back home.

I was unlawfully arrested, illegally prosecuted & wrongfully convicted by a corrupt court and sentenced to die for crimes “I DID NOT COMMIT”. This was done to me based solely on the false testimony of a male who is a habitual felon, known drug dealer, drug user who was a bitter drug rival of the deceased men in my case. This individual was the initial suspect in the case & was a fugitive from the law at the time he was detained as a suspect in my case. However, despite stating that he was allegedly with me &several others (who stated I never committed these crimes) when these crimes were allegedly committed & having several outstanding warrants out for his arrest, this individual was never arrested for anything & was released after giving a false statement against me. I was the only person charged & don’t have any co-defendants. There was no physical evidence or a motive or anything that connected me to these crimes. Everything was based solely on the false testimony of an individual who has been arrested approxi9mately 35 times since my trial. He has been arrested &/or convicted for numerous crimes including: several counts of giving false information to the police, alluding arrest, assault on a pregnant female, assault with a firearm on his parents, just to name a few. When he testified against me, he was a prison inmate & was released from prison afterward.

He is a mental health patient that was hearing evil sounds & voices that told him to do bad & violent things. He was diagnosed as being of the paranoid schizophrenic type but was still allowed to lie against me. The false statement that he gave to the police was inconsistent wit his false trial testimony & both his false statement & false testimony were contradicted by the facts in my case.
Based on the lies of this individual, I was abducted from society and placed in such adverse surroundings where over 40 people have been killed since I’ve been here. I’m in a system that allow corrupt prosecutors to use lies to get innocent people like me indicted on murder charges & doesn’t require them to use such evidence during the criminal trial. Civil & inexperienced attorneys are assigned to death penalty cases & innocent people are railroaded like I was. I’m being held captive in a system that denies me access to the law & even to adequate medical care because of my sentence. Innocence Projects in this state don’t investigate capital cases for claims of innocence.
Despite all that I’ve been forced to endure, I am still a man of God & I maintain hope that God will get me through this.

My current goals are to regain my freedom & prove my innocence, become a paralegal or an attorney & to become a counselor for our youth so that I can help them avoid the pitfalls of society. I don’t want anyone to be victimized like I was.
What happened to me can happen to you!

.Prison Address
Central Prison
1300 Western Boulevard
Raleigh, NC 27606

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