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Trafficking in Persons Report 2011

Trafficking in Persons Report 2011

Secretary Clinton (June 27): "Every year, we come together to release this report, to take stock of our progress, to make suggestions, and to refine our methods. Today, we are releasing a new report that ranks 184 countries, including our own. One of the innovations when I became Secretary was we were going to also analyze and rank ourselves, because I don’t think it’s fair for us to rank others if we don’t look hard at who we are and what we’re doing. This report is the product of a collaborative process that involves ambassadors and embassies and NGOs as well as our team here in Washington. And it really does give us a snapshot about what’s happening. It shows us where political will and political leadership are making a difference."  Full Text»

The Report

The report is available in HTML format (below) and in PDF format. Due to its large size, the PDF has been separated into sections for easier download: Introductory Material [also available in Arabic | Chinese | French | Persian Russian | Spanish]; Country Narratives: A-C, D-I, J-M, N-S, T-Z/Special Cases; Relevant International Conventions and Closing Material. To view the PDF file, you will need to download, at no cost, the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

-Letter from Secretary
-Letter from Ambassador Luis CdeBaca
-In Memoriam: Richard Holbrooke (1941-2010)
-What Is Trafficking in Persons?
-The 2011 TIP Report: Methodology
-Moving Toward a Decade of Delivery - Government Responsibility
-Moving Toward a Decade of Delivery - Prevention
-Moving Toward a Decade of Delivery - Prosecution
-Moving Toward a Decade of Delivery - Protection
-Moving Toward a Decade of Delivery - Partnership
-Topics of Special Interest
-Victims' Stories
-Global Law Enforcement Data
-2011 TIP Report Heroes
-Tier Placements
-Country Narratives
-Country Narratives: Countries A Through F
-Country Narratives: Countries G Through M
-Country Narratives: Countries N Through Z
-Special Cases
-Relevant International Conventions
-Trafficking Victims Protection Act: Minimum Standards for the Elimination of Trafficking in Persons
-Stopping Human Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation, and Abuse by International Peacekeepers
-International, Regional and Sub-Regional Organizations Combating Trafficking in Persons
-Glossary of Acronyms
-A Closing Note From the Drafters of the Report
-Introductory Material (PDF)  [28054 Kb]
-Introductory Material (PDF) [Arabic]  [279 Kb]
-Introductory Material (PDF) [Chinese]  [1101 Kb]
-Introductory Material (PDF) [French]  [305 Kb]
-Introductory Material (PDF) [Persian]  [324 Kb]
-Introductory Material (PDF) [Russian]  [417 Kb]
-Introductory Material (PDF) [Spanish]  [360 Kb]
-Country Narratives: A-C (PDF)  [3842 Kb]
-Country Narratives: D-I (PDF)  [2903 Kb]
-Country Narratives: J-M (PDF)  [3589 Kb]
-Country Narratives: N-S (PDF)  [4438 Kb]
-Country Narratives: T-Z and Special Cases (PDF)  [3212 Kb]
-Relevant International Conventions/Closing Material (PDF)  [24695 Kb]

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