Monday, 14 November 2011

Logically Puzzling « Springingtiger's Blog

best to maintain a small repertoire of very bland and inoffensive responses to others rather than risk entering into the banter that occurs within social groups, particularly when this involves terminology that in some circumstances may be considered insulting. It is also better to avoid conversation as a forthright opinion may cause offense, indeed revealing information can often be problematic as there always seems to be someone trying to keep something a secret and they assume that everyone will know not to be open and honest. Much of the time my family avoid giving me information because they know that if asked a question I will answer it honestly. I go through life with the feeling that there is a key that will make sense of everything if I could just find it, until I do I shall just have to continue to work things out as best I can.

SNAP! This is me only I mostly don't go out and in my own house my rules apply - anything goes regarding speaking about anything

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