Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Iran News Summary - 14 Nov 2011 - lissping

HRDAI/4 brothers, Kurd political prisoners Habib, Jafar, Ali & Vali Afshari may be sentenced to death  http://t.co/OxSzRxlj
here is the trsl in En & Fr of Sohrab's mother's famous speech at Tehran City Council in 2009  http://t.co/69DBx7iK
A Letter in a Bottle [utopia] http://bit.ly/uAY3pZ
Internet in the East of country disrupted; Mehr http://t.co/Sj5sKxr0 (fa)
Iranian police have closed down 60 traditional Persian coffee houses in Tehran; Mehr  http://t.co/OTlz77TZ (fa)
PLS don't attack IRAN If you think attacking Iran is a good idea, then pls watch this! http://t.co/9O3JDOLm
PHOTOS The German duologue “Pandora 88”, directed by Wolfgang Hoffman, on stage in Tehran http://t.co/MYHaKMm2
Reza Entesari, reporter d’images, toujours détenu au bloc 209 d’Evine http://t.co/MUlsLTvL
Iran opposition will unite with government ‘should Israel attack' http://t.co/vEIuBLcS 
Did an Israeli Heron drone really crash into the Med off Turkey on the day of Iran blast?  http://t.co/CSP250Rl 
Exclusive interview with former Iran prisoner & Taliban strategist Mustafa Hamid (aka Abu Walid al Masri)  http://t.co/fRkwo9T1
Watch PHOTOS in mardomak fb page: small ads in the streets showing Kidney Trade in Iran  http://t.co/7p0voyk2
Guardian - Israel reported 'behind blast' that killed Iran's missile chief  http://t.co/UNLKwzQh
TIME - Was Israel Behind a Deadly Explosion at Iran Missile Base? http://t.co/6WxFGFqe
Christie's to sell 4 Iranian Bronze objects http://t.co/hOZb4z4J & an Achaemenid banded agate cylinder  http://t.co/2eEqz0gg
Recycling Iran. WaPo's Coffee Shops echoes Reuters Feb 2011http://t.co/7Q5r5r7e & Tehran Times Sep 2011 http://t.co/wpQe4fz9
Bulldozer destroyed the gravestones from Seljuk era in historic cemetery in Lorestan province;Mehr  http://t.co/Gii1Kg4Q
French FM warns military action against Iran over its nuclear program would drag world in2 'uncontrollable spiral'; AFP http://t.co/9A94d7Uv
Clashes Between Residents of Gajin & Security Forces http://t.co/vLFFlqKm
dw_persian - Germany exported over 2.5 billion euros worth of goods to Iran during first 8 months of 2011
Kurdish Cultural Figures Receive Prison Sentences for ‘Acting Against National Security’  http://t.co/5LLnNh8g 
With Ahmadinejad in Office, Iran Needs no Other Enemies Arash Bahmani  http://t.co/Mf7nGXm8
Iranian officials allegedly meet with Syrian opposition http://t.co/Cj1vltMP

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